Digital Glazed Porcelain tiles are the popularly used vitrified tiles that are that are developed using digital printing technology. They are single layered tiles pressed in the hydraulic pressing machine under high pressure to attain the durability. These tiles are printed later using the high-quality inkjet printer and various attractive art forms and designs can be made on these tiles. We can develop Digital Glazed Vitrified tiles into a wide variety of prints and designs to suit your unique requirement.We are a pioneering manufacturer of Digital Glazed Vitrified tile boasting glazed tiles in various finishes like Matte, Rustic, Sugar, and Lapato. The digital prints are crafted on the glaze coating and so we can develop thousands of aesthetically appealing designs. The final nanomaterial coating on the tile makes it stain resistant, wear resistant, and anti-bacterial. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor applications in the commercial spaces and well as homes.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles
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